OVS is the leader in the Italian clothing market, OVS Industry is today a reference point in fashion retail. Quality collections at competitive prices and a new interpretation of shopping based on continuous renewal. OVS Industry designs develop and manufacture its clothes controlling every step of the way. A quality, stylish and Italian-in taste product is the result of a complex path of research, origination, and manufacture that starts from an in-house team of stylists and product managers. The β€œstyled in Italy” merge with international trends and makes also use of exclusive co-operation with great creative The key turn in this change is the concept of INDUSTRY which explains the company evolution. The word INDUSTRY conveys the idea of a designing and manufacturing place. This outlines a more modern image, addressed to new potential customers. For over 37 years, OVS industry customers have been enjoying a shopping experience characterized by the fair prices / quality ratio, with customized services and products guaranteed by the reliability of a big company. No longer only a retailer, but a trendy store which attracts shoppers with its wide range of choice and surprisingly affordable prices. An informal, practical brand, suitable for every occasion and for every kind of customer. Key elements: the search for a contemporary style, taste and a special eye for the right price-quality ratio.    

Store Locations:

πŸ“β€“ Riyadh – Al-Othaim Mall Rabwa – Floor 1 – Gate 2 (Women – Children)
πŸ“ – Riyadh – Hayat Mall Floor 1 – Gate 7 (Children)
πŸ“ – Riyadh – Al- Othaim Mall Khurais – Ground Floor – Gate 1 (Women – Children)
πŸ“ – Riyadh – Granada Mall – Floor 1- Gate 1 (Children)
πŸ“ – Dammam – Al Othaim Mall – Floor 2- Gate 2 (Children)
πŸ“ – Dhahran – Dhahran Mall – Ground Floor – Gate 4 (Women – Children)
πŸ“ – Al Ahsa – Al Othaim Mall – Ground Floor – Gate 3 (Women – Children)
πŸ“ – Buraidah – Al Othaim Mall – Ground Floor – Gate 1 (Women – Children)
πŸ“β€“ Onaiza – Al Othaim Mall – Ground Floor – Gate 1 (Women – Children)
πŸ“ – Hail – Grand Mall – Ground Floor – Gate 2 (Women – Children)
πŸ“ – Jeddah – Al Yasmine Mall – Ground Floor – Gate 4 (Women – Children)
πŸ“ – Jeddah – Al Salam Mall – Floor 1- Gate 4 (Women – Children)
πŸ“ – Makkah – Makkah Mall – Ground Floor – Gate 5 (Women – Children)
πŸ“ – Abha – Al Rashid Mall – Floor 1 – Gate 6 (Children)



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